Garden Design

In the early years of the new millenium, I joined forces with my compagne (a masterful plantswoman) and set-up our garden design company. For over a decade we designed, constructed, planted and maintained beautiful gardens.

We work closely together on every aspect of our projects, so that the design, landscaping materials and plants work collectively in a perfect harmony of colour, texture, shape, form and fragrance. Our gardens are a pleasure to be in – or to look at – whatever the season, come rain or shine.

This sets us apart from other garden design teams. So, too, does our dedication and expertise in producing and maintaining gardens to the highest standards without using chemicals.

We specialize in creating and maintaining gardens organically. For clients who wish to use natural pest control, we can develop a garden’s powerful ecosystem and advice them on attracting wildlife as part of this practice. We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining gardens that thrive naturally and that become more beautiful as the years pass.

Town Garden in Eastbourne

Hill Rise Cottage, Hethe, Bicester

Lords Cottage, Hethe, Bicester

The Studio House, Chesterton, Bicester

Town Garden in Bicester

Our Garden at The Old Chapel

Photographed by us in our clients’ gardens