Pascal De Moratti

I am a brand image designer with an extensive portfolio, spanning over three decades. Successful branding is all about effectively communicating your brand’s added values to the consumer. Accordingly, I look for the relevant and remarkable attributes within your own unique story and I craft them into creative and compelling designs.

My Story

Early days and apprenticeship

At an early age my habit of sketching fantasy cars and motorbikes drew attention to my creative potential. I was a bit of a ‘wild child’ though, and as a teenager the prospect of going to art school didn’t excite me. So instead, for three years, the two mature partners of an eminent Parisian design consultancy mentored me. I’m so grateful that they did. Their passion for typography – and its creative uses – was so infectious. It’s still an inspiration to me today.

Although my apprenticeship was intense and demanding, by the time I got my first job I was totally prepared to perform in a real, professional environment, across a number of disciplines.

A great place to learn

Following internships in advertising, and with the Marie Claire group of magazines, I was offered an enviable position at Galeries Lafayette – Paris’s infamous department store. Again, it was a great place to learn and I spent memorable years there, happily developing my design, art direction and production skills.

Founding my true direction

However, it was only when I joined Style Marque, THE Parisian brand/image consultancy at the time, that I knew I’d found my true direction. There I began designing packaging, and learned about the importance of brands and their image. That was Style Marque’s forté, and it soon became mine.

Swinging London

In the mid ‘80s I was headhunted by top US design consultancy Landor, to join their European headquarters in London. It was a scary, exciting challenge, not least because of my poor English. In time, of course, my command of the language became more polished, as did my work, and before long I got an offer I could not refuse.

The Stella Artois challenge

David Taylor invited me to join his consultancy, as Creative Director in charge of redesigning Stella Artois’ brand identity. After nearly two years of extensive development, travelling back and forth to Leuven, we achieved our goal of turning Stella into an international flagship brand. The new identity was very well received and, I’m proud to say, it won a design effectiveness DBA award in the UK.

Solo Flight

England had long become home to me when I opened my own consultancy int he late ‘80s. I was excited to win pitches against some of the big boys. Not the least of which was the brief to design a new, multilingual, Pan-European packaging system for Scott AFH Paper. This was one of the very first Euro-branding exercises of its time and it enabled the successful use of a single packaging system throughout Europe. 

The City of Spires

In the ‘90s I teamed up with a marketing expert I’d worked with to create The Oxford Partnership. Our complemented skills enabled us to provide our varied clientele with a successful and effective mix of design and marketing expertise. Then separate paths beckoned us.

My favourite project for Bass Brewers (one of our main clients), was the brand’s image revitalisation of Stones Bitter, the quintessential ‘working men’s club’ beer from Sheffield.

The ultimate 3D environment

For a while I freelanced. Then I joined forces with my compagne (a masterful plantswoman) and Bliss & Blossom, our garden design company, was born. For over a decade we designed, constructed, planted and maintained beautiful gardens. I’m very proud of our achievements and the pleasure we were able to give our clients. Designing the ultimate 3D environment using natural colour, texture and form gave me new insights into the design process.


About ten years ago, partially due to my enhanced understanding of nature, I had an awakening and became vegan. I decided to join the fight against the cruel exploitation of animals and promote a kinder, more compassionate way of life. But I never stopped designing.

Helping the good guys

I’m now offering the same powerful strategic and creative thinking that proved successful for past clients to a new genus of ethically-responsible ones. I’m eager to use my wealth of experience to help the good guys to harness their brands’ potential. Thus, generating success and enlightenment in a kinder, safer, planet-aware marketplace.

Could that be YOU?