Graphic Design Services

Wether you’re an existing business or launching a new brand, promoting your brand’s unique story is an absolute necessity. I offer a full range of graphic design services, from the design of your logo, to the creation of your website, via the packaging of your products. With informed ideas and carefully crafted design solutions, my graphic design services are crucial in the process of building your distinctive brand identity.


Consumers are prepared to pay a premium for brands that offer them relevant added values. Clear perception of these values promotes brand loyalty. Hence, the effective communication of these added values is key to successful branding.

Most importantly, brand identity plays a vital role in the emergence of a brand’s personality. The design of your logo is the critical element of your brand identity. It lays the groundwork for all of your marketing materials, from stationery and packaging, to print design and website. So, a successful logo is much more than just a pretty picture: every aspect of its design is crucial to presenting the right image.

I take a comprehensive approach to designing your brand identity. It includes researching your audience and competition, as well as understanding your business objectives and brand story.

Logo & Logotype / Brand Identity

3D Branding

3D Branding is a very specialised design expertise. It requires a combination of brand design acumen, grasp of 3 dimensions and some engineering knowledge.

My expertise in creating unique shapes and forms for packaging, bespoke point of sale display or entire retail environments, can ensure that 3D branding effectively reinforces your brand’s personality.

Structural Design / 3d Modelling

Packaging Design

Whether you’re in manufacturing or retail, or are launching a new product, you need some form of packaging. It’s not an optional extra; it’s an absolute functional necessity. But not just for practical reasons.

Packaging is a powerful ‘silent salesman’ at the moment of decision to buy. But it also has a crucial role in developing brand loyalty at the moment of use, when ads are not around to get your message across. So, it’s critical that it’s relevant and compelling if it’s going to transform brand equities into brand assets. 

So the question is not whether to do it, but how to do it, and how to do it well. I’m here to use my proven design expertise to ensure that your packaging is eye-catching, innovative and get your products noticed.

Packaging Design / New Product Development

Print Design

Your printed marketing materials are the face of your business. Combined with a solid online presence and an effective brand identity (logo), they are the representation of your brand. Effective, well-designed printed marketing materials reinforce the credibility of your business and build brand recognition. From stationery and corporate brochures to sales and marketing collateral, my expertise in designing and delivering effective print solutions will help you to win new business. 

Stationery / Brochure / Catalogue / Manual / Marketing Collateral

Website Design

I create custom designs to ensure my clients’ websites work aesthetically as well as technically (as they MUST do), and perfectly fit their requirements and needs.

Because of its comprehensive and easy-to-use content management system, I use WordPress to power my clients’ websites. This means that clients can contribute to their website independently when and if they want to update information or blog.


If you want your website to bring in new business (and, of course, you DO!) proper planning is absolutely crucial. Superior planning leads to superior site construction that’s more informed and well thought-out and, consequently, more effective.

Design & Construction

My comprehensive design and construction process includes everything from initial design brainstorming to final design and build, hosting and search engine optimisation. I can also help you with copywriting, photography and production of content. Of course, all websites I create are fully responsive and look great across all devices. 

SEO & Support

Performing Intelligent Search Engine Optimisation guarantees that your site is easily found. Following a period of post-launch support, I can provide you with ongoing help. Whether you want help with blogging, ongoing SEO (which is crucial), content production (and more), I’m there if you need me.